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 Public Domain: endless source of creativity, culture and profits

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Public Domain: endless source of creativity, culture and profits Empty
PostSubject: Public Domain: endless source of creativity, culture and profits   Public Domain: endless source of creativity, culture and profits EmptySat Apr 12, 2014 8:22 am

Public Domain: endless source of creativity, culture and profits

C ike demonstrates the success of Alice in Wonderland movie , the film directed by Tim Burton in 2010, the culture of yesterday is not the enemy of today's culture, but his servant. Published in 1865, Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll's novel, died in 1898, is past, long ago, in the public domain . This is what had allowed Disney to make his famous adaptation in 1951.
sell ebooks public domain

Walt Disney has built a fortune of several billion dollars with timeless stories that appeal to all ages, at all times . Much of his empire was formed with characters from stories from the public domain, all turned into movies, TV shows, songs, music, theme parks ...
You will find many examples of stories of people or companies that have gone from rags to riches with the resale of public domain content.

When the public is selling the public domain

The operation of the public domain sells even further the public domain. On the Net, the various printed editions of Alice In Wonderland snapped with a competition that only generates the public domain in the literary world. This is the one to present the best illustration or the new preface, an attractive price, an innovative translation, the best commentary ... The editions of Alice in Wonderland, this masterpiece of the public domain, totaled tens , and boosted by the publicity offered by the movie, sell like hotcakes . For publishers, this means considerable cash flow to reinvest in from the promotion of new authors ... the public domain becomes, in this c ase, a double incentive to creation.
Who said that stories of this kind exist only in fairy tales?

How you can enjoy the manna in the public domain

V ou can you also create your own fairy tale by transforming the ideas, works in the public domain in revenue.
After selecting one or two public domain works that speak to your heart, it is now time for you to generate sales.
The best way to make profits on the Internet with public domain works, is simply to duplicate the exact content of these works (books, music) and resell. Obviously, it is strongly advised to create your own cover (e-cover) and why not your little personal comment or your artwork .
Since the product is already in the public domain, there are no royalties or fees to pay back so no worries about copyright infringement. You do not even need to get permission from the original author to repackage, republish or sell their products.
You can make as many copies as you want of the original public domain work, convert downloadable files and so begin to resell, redistribute, and reap the benefits.
Give new life to a public domain work does not need to be a creative genius.
How to recognize a work in the public domain?

L are Copyright laws vary from one country to another. It is very important to learn about the origin of a work and the laws of his country.
For France :
In France, it is said that a work is in the public domain 70 years after the author's death , which means the day that is writing this article, that any work whose author died before 1943 in the public domain .
But here is an excerpt of Article L. 123-1 of the Code of Intellectual Property,
The author has, throughout his life, the exclusive right to exploit his work in any form whatsoever and to derive monetary profit. The death of the author, this right continues to benefit its beneficiaries during the calendar year and the seventy years that follow.
For the United States :
American works are governed by three general rules but the most important thing to remember is that any work published before 1923 is considered in the public domain.

Create your e-book from a public domain work

U n proven to sell these works in the public domain e-book, which is the digital version / digital formats of a paper book.
How to Create an E-book
Today there are many free ways to create an e-book easily and confidently. By downloading eg OpenOffice, you will be able to create a PDF from a Word file.
Here on this link you can download a free e-book that you simply explains, step by step, with screenshots, how to create and format a pdf ebook with OpenOffice
The e-book is a future format. These ebooks are so successful in the United States that their sales outpaced the print edition. The growing expansion of digital book is being confirmed also with us. Many Editor paper books have not seen soon enough what is happening and their turnovers tumble ...
A new youth to gain money
Sell ​​public domain works on eBay

The e sales site eBay is one of the most powerful sites for selling products in the world. Based on a style of auction, buyers can bid on any product until the deadline time and then the highest bid wins the product. This alternative can be particularly profitable to sell your e-books compounds with public domain works, especially eBay is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors every day.
Make an audio CD version of your works
Recondition a public domain work on CD gives your business a new dimension especially since it is easy to do. CD versions of public domain works are particularly profitable. You can make audio stories for children, audio playback for the visually impaired ...
The use of the public domain can be a very important source of income. It requires very little time for the product development. The public domain provides an inexhaustible source of raw materials. Your only limit is your imagination, so let your creativity and who knows, maybe you will be the next Walt Disney.
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Public Domain: endless source of creativity, culture and profits
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